Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hardware Societe - Melbourne CBD

I am so excited about this place I can't wait to blog about it! But then this means more people will know about it and it'll be crowded next time I visit (hmmmmmmm). It's ok, all good things are for sharing, right? :D I first heard about this place from my sister who had already been once, and she took us there again to treat us to a nice brunch. Yay, free food!

Hardware Societe is located in Melbourne CBD on 120 Hardware St and you definitely HAVE TO pay it a visit. This place has super awesome and friendly service and is beautifully decorated with a fun, quirky twist. I'll let the pictures do all the talking. We made the wise (well imho anyway) decision to sit at the bar as we could see the chefs hard at work and I love to watch food being prepared at cafes and restaurants. Plus, there's always the added excitement when you see your food being prepared!

And just below our benchtop.....a place to hang handbags! How AWESOME is this idea?


Moo moo cows

I also spotted cookbooks from Movida in the bookshelves (not pictured below), so yes, you guessed right- this cafe has a Spanish influence.

Urm, pardon my ignorance....but what is this thing? *shy face

Love the wall decal which looks like dripping paint- a nice complement to the hanging lightbulbs!

This looked so pretty in a corner by itself

Can you spot the cute chicken toppers? Great use of the cupcake stand too

Nice idea for a place to store magazines

Even the outside is nicely decorated, with a review board (I presume that's what it is based on the writing?) on the right

Ok, so now onto the food...yummmmmmm.
Could this be some sort of quiche?

Sister ordered tea just so we could get this cute teapot! We asked for an extra cup as there was too much tea so we had to share...and they generously gave us another teacup with a sugared donut and another pot of milk. How nice of them huh?

The coffee also came with a cute donut- this was a mocha and you have to pour it into the coffee cup which contains rich chocolate and give it a good stir (I think...I didn't have this)

The guy who took our orders was great and super friendly as well- which always makes an eating experience that much nicer. This is our food being prepared! *excited

I ordered the Bircher Muesli- topped with rhubarb and pistachio nuts (I can't remember what the fruit served with this dish is :( ). I loved the texture of the bircher muesli, but I definitely have to share if I order it again as it's too much for me to finish by myself.

Mom had this- I wanted to order this but no point getting two of the same dish. This was an omelette with duck confit, portobello mushrooms and chestnut paste. I reckon I'll order this next time as I didn't really get to taste it :D

The boy had the jamon and rocket baguette with scrambled eggs. The saltiness of the jamon went amazingly well with the rocket and creamy scrambled eggs. Because I love jamon, I will have to go back again to order this and have it all to myself! *greedy face

Sis ordered soft boiled eggs with 3 soldiers. I don't know what the toppings below I guess I'll have to try this someday! Hahaha, looks like I'll have to keep going back to this place- just the way I planned ;) And I guess I'll just have to keep going back to try their lunch offerings too (word on the street is that this place is always packed during lunch)

On the way out as I was busy snapping away, the guy who took our orders asked, "Do you have a blog?" to which I answered, "Yes". So if you've found me, say hi! :D 

I seriously can't wait to visit this place again and again to try their whole menu- yummmmmmmmmmm. This place is cosy and inviting- and it's not everyday you find a great little place tucked away in a Melb CBD laneway which has great atmosphere and delicious food.

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  1. What a gorgeous blog on THS. Thank you so much for your time and trouble, its adorable. your question regarding the to let the wait staff know that food is up, as opposed to the stock standard bell that 99% of kitchens have. Well spotted. You have managed to capture some terrific images, that other bloggers have not, right down to the handbag hooks (my touch. Ill let Will know you said 'hi', he will be as happy and I am to receive such a glow review. Keep up the great work. Di, Will and the THS team.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful comment! Now I finally know what the horn is used for. I'll definitely be back sometime this month for lunch or brunch :) Keep up the great food and awesome atmosphere!