Monday, November 23, 2009

What what what what?

O hai I iz a brown paper bag!

Wait, hang on...what's that I see on the right?

And on the left too! Show yourself you little buggers!


A nice surprise from the boy! :) <3


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fiesta de la Hispanidad

..otherwise known to us English speaking mere mortals as Hispanic Festival. The weekend just isn't complete without venturing out into the unknown...or doing something. You know you're in Spain when you see Churros....and a man that vaguely resembles a Spaniard.

Juggling two big pans of paella.
 Tag team- serving the paella.
Potato tortilla. We were intrigued and decided to try this.
Wasn't anything spetacular :(
I really wanted to try this- Cazuela as I'd never had it before but was too stuffed from eating other random junk.
What was he cooking? It looked really yummy though.
Sweetcorn hotcakes with salsa and jalapenos- my favourite at the festival for sure.
Steps to making paella....
Tada! Let's just assume steps 2-5 got lost somewhere.
This looked really nice (and the girl reassured us it was the best paella...but we think otherwise after having tasted it) 
Oh yummm......I told the boy it was tradition that when the churros were finished, the chocolate must be drunk and finished as well..and he fell for it HAHAHAHA.
What is she drinking?!! No one to take a pic of me so a semi-failed pic of myself
Horchata- a mixture of sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, milk, condensed milk. Taste so much like soy chai, I instantly loved it.
Pretty flirty flowers and a pop of colour to brighten up my day <3
yuhan is a frog

In the spirit of all things green....

Samurai (804 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn)- home of the best green tea milkshake EVER. Seriously- it's like so so so so GOOD. I ordered one for myself (and to reluctantly share with the boy) but he tasted it and ordered one for himself. I even ordered another one to take home for my sis. It sat staring at me in the car on the journey home- tempting me the whole time. Starbucks' green tea frap has nothing on this one.

Fresh salmon sashimi- thinly sliced and with just the right amount of chew. Mmmmm delicious.

That said, those were the only things worth trying in the restaurant. It's your typical Japanese place hence the rest of the dishes are nothing to shout about.

Mom and Dad- I present to you...Sue's cooking

Roast/steamed herbal chicken with goji berries and that herbal thing normally found in soups

Ok, I started off roasting the chicken and realised there were no juices, so resorted to steaming the chicken the rest of the way. Didn't turn out too bad.

Obligatory choy sum.

Lin ngau tong!! My favourite. Added goji berries and dates and boiled everything with pork bones. Threw in a pinch of celtic sea salt that you brought over a few months back.


Monday, November 16, 2009

do you like green eggs and ham?

It was a scorcher of a day two weekends ago, so we decided to take advantage of the hot weather and eat outdoors. Hence, Riverland.
Baked beans made with bacon, served with sourdough toast. That's a vanilla and mango smoothie on the right but it tastes nothing like your usual smoothie- I think it's because this was made with green or unripened mangoes!

My thyme baked mushroom served with fetta and brioche toast. Very yummy too.

And then we spotted a BIG, FAT RAT! Can you spot it? (Hint: It's right in the middle of the picture, on the edge of the hole)

Since the temperature soared above 50 degrees (well it sure felt like it), I went on a hunt around the CBD for a slurpee. Visited two stores and they'd sold out. Adamant to get one, we tried Fed Square and there was a queue going into 7-eleven. Turns out it was free slurpee day!!

And because we all know free stuff is good- we got 2! Hee hee hee..

And nothing goes better with beer than a barbie, or a beer garden, or hot weather, or paper, or just anything really.  Passionfruit beer- which was a tad bit too sweet but if you hate the taste of beer this will suit you just fine cos it tastes like sparkling fruit juice.

Meet pashie's sisters- Peach and berries, or was it raspberry...

Usual brekkie outing, this time at Fandango (97 Errol St, Nth Melbourne- blink and you'll miss this place) which is famous for its pesto scrambled eggs. Do you like your eggs green? I'm not a fan of scrambled eggs, I'd eat all kinds of eggs except scrambled....but these were so good. Portions are massive though so at the end you might feel like an egg yourself if you happen to finish the whole plate of food.
And this is what I had, french toast served with bacon, baked apple, maple butter, maple syrup mmmmmm delish. Hearty dish which I thoroughly enjoyed. Seriously, breakfast is not breakfast without bacon.

And then I chanced upon the BIGGEST egg tart I'd ever seen. It's the size of ten 50 cent coins.

Decided to pay Madame Sousou a visit. Located on 231 Brunswick St, Fitzroy- this joint needs no introduction.

Where is my date?

While waiting for our food we saw Marge Simpson's sisters!

My lunch serving of crispy confit duck with braised cabbage and sour cherry jus. This dish grows on you but disappoints in the end.  The jus, not sour enough and a lil too salty. I felt like I needed bread to mop it all up. And the duck was average. The red cabbage taste like asian preserved vegetables.

Swordfish steak with pesto and anchovy. I have no idea what the beans beneath the fish were. Nothing special about this either. I think the next time we head back to Madame Sousou it'll be for breakfast.

Giant babushka dolls at the playground!
And because the portions at Madame Sousou were tinier than my fist, we had to get our chocolate fix at Lindt Cafe. The iced chocolates were nothing to shout about but the Lava cake... utterly delectable. It was sooooooo good.
 Till the next weekend- have fun on your food adventures people :D

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cafe Vue

Cafe Vue
401 St Kilda Road

I'm still recovering from dining at Vue de Monde two years ago since it cost me a bomb so decided to take some baby steps and try Cafe Vue.

Not too bad for a lazy Sunday. Good atmosphere, very relaxed, good place to read the papers, chill out and enjoy the rest of the weekend before the Monday monster comes and bites everyone's heads off.

Corn fritters- could give Mart 130 a run for its money but the portion here is much smaller and this doesn't have bacon (I love fat streaky bacon!!)

French toast with maple syrup and creme anglaise- nice hearty bread yum

This is my absolute favourite <3. Wagyu burger with french fries (cos I love my burgers and my chips)

Pumpkin, feta and rocket salad with yuzu dressing. Not a fan of this cos #1 I hate raw onions (ptui) and #2 I hate rocket (eurgh)

okbye. too lazy to talk about food at 11pm at night. It's Friday tomorrow and then it's the weekend again. Awesome!