Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Red Wok, South Yarra

You can't go past Red Wok for good, wholesome, tasty Malaysian food. Mom decided to treat the boy to a simple birthday dinner before she left (yay I get free food in the process!) so we opted for fuss-free Chinese cuisine.

Walked past this place when heading to the restaurant. What a nifty window display, eh?

L-R: Sleepyface sis and mildly surprised mom

L-R: Oldie moldie and freeloader

Since the reason for the dinner was the boy's upcoming birthday, we naturally asked him to pick the dishes he wanted to eat. We had a conversation with a 5% success rate and it went something like this:

Us: What do you want to eat? Just pick anything.
Him: Flaky tofu!
Us: Ok, what else?
Him: Flaky tofu!
Us: Fine- we'll order 50 dishes of that, what else do you want?
Him: Flaky tofu!
Us: But you always eat here! Surely you can recommend other dishes?
Him: Flaky tofu!

I would have gladly flaky tofu-ed his face I tell you, rarrrrrr!

It was good tofu though :)

Salt & Pepper Calamari- so tasty, so crunchy, so chewy, so delicious! Yum. I think they had some bird's eye chillies (chill padi) underneath the pile of squid and I happily demolished them.

Teochew style steamed fish (I think). This was VERY GOOD- I loved the sourness of the veges, which in turn made the soup/sauce very, very tangy and tasty. I want to have this again, now!

Crispy prawn noodles- normally we wouldn't order this, but we mistook it for 'Sang Har Meen'. No regrets though, this tasted as good as the ones we get back in Malaysia. 

Alright- off to bed soon. My eyes have been struggling to stay open the whole day. I think at one point in time for 2-3 hours I was looking at my computer screen with my eyes half shut 0_0. 

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