Monday, June 14, 2010

Mart 130 - Albert Park

This is another place that needs no introduction. Packed to the brim and with waiting lists featuring on the weekends, part of the novelty of this place lies in the fact that it used to be a tram stop (well it still is a tram stop, but I guess it used be a tram stop hut or whatever it's called) but has now been converted to a cafe. Mart 130 is actually a play on Tram (stop) 130 cos no shit sherlock, this is where it's located. I've been a couple of times- once with mom and sis, and the other with the boy so I'm just gonna mix the pictures up in this post and leave you to figure out what happened when :D
Waiting, waiting,waiting...

Mom, sis and I were seated indoors at the communal table.

They have this small corner with a toybox and little kids would come and play with the toys!

Mom had scrambled eggs, spinach and mushrooms on sourdough toast. If you like scrambled eggs then go for it, but the main star of this place is coming up next.

Mmmm, delicious corn fritters (which is what I had the first time I visited this place) with bacon, relish and sour cream. This is soooooooo good- you definitely have to order this when you pay this place a visit. 

I decided to try the baked cannellini beans with ham hock on sourdough, topped with goat's cheese. This is an alright dish, the only redeeming factor is that it is very hearty winter food and suited the occassion just right. Goat's cheese has a particular distinct taste and I didn't really enjoy it so I just pushed it to the side :D I loved the chunks of ham hock, but I'm a girl who loves beef stew so I love my meat!

When I went with the boy we were seated outside and had a good view of Albert Park and Melb CBD skyline.

And then the boy grabbed the camera and went trigger happy...

This is what he ordered- DEJA VUUUUUU! It's what my mom ordered! Hahah the two of them get on like a house on fire, I think the boy is secretly an old soul, who in his past life used to be a woman.

Overexposed shot of my corn fritters and soy chai in the background (the chai is a fail!), but I really enjoyed the corn fritters. What's not to like when there's bacon, relish and corn? *slurp

O hai its us!

The long road home....

...and here comes our ride!

If I were to go again I'd definitely order the corn fritters and give all other selections a miss :)

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