Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Guilty indulgence

Masterchef made me go out and buy a Golden Gaytime! If you've never had one before- you're missing out SUPERDUPERBIG time! Best ice-cream that you can buy from a convenience store EVER. I used to be really childlish and laugh at the name everytime I got one...seriously, wouldn't you make fun of it too? Thanks MC, that's an extra 15g of fat that I really didn't need to indulge in at 9pm at night. Not gonna tell you what it tastes like because you have to try this one for yourself! :P

My package from the US arrived today! I love getting packages in the mail- it's like giving myself presents every now and then :D I got myself a bottle of OPI's 'Over the Taupe' which is quite similar to this other colour I've been wanting to get (Chanel Particuliere) but forking out AUD40 for a bottle of nail polish? You got to be kidding me. I know it's a terrible picture, it was either I get it to focus and take an ugly picture out of frame....or get a perfectly framed picture but without the focus. Guess what I went with?
Feeling terribly sleepy and tired today even though I've been going to bed before 12am every night. I always automatically wake up at 5.30am or 6.30am when my alarm is 7am. Grr, so angry! Since I'm here I might do another blogpost before I feel lazy. Stay tuned!

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