Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Adriano Zumbo- Balmain, Sydney

The bf managed to score us cheap tickets to Sydney (only $50 return per person!) so off we went on a short weekend getaway. Escaping the cold, dreary Melbourne winter, we were warmly embraced by beautiful sunny weather up in Sydney. If that's what their winters feel like (17-18 degrees with sun- ahhh bliss!), I might contemplate making a move there one day....once Melbourne's one-of-a-kind cafe culture has been exhausted. It's a tough life with tough decisions, eh?

A friend told me about Adriano Zumbo and I've seen the beautiful desserts on other blogs and friends' Facebook photos. So I did what a greedy girl like me would do- schedule a visit to Zumbo's Patisserie and Cafe. I didn't know his Patisserie was a small shop with hardly any space to move around in, let alone sit down. It was purely takeaway. I went on a Sunday morning and it was difficult trying to trick my brain into having cakes for breakfast so I bought me and my sister some macarons and off I went with the bf for brekkie at Zumbo's Cafe a few doors down.

So many flavours! And they aren't your run of the mill flavours either. They come in combinations like oatmeal & ylang ylang, olive & bergamot candy, salted peanut caramel, citrus & mustard etc. I have no idea what is what when I'm eating them- they all taste delicious.....very scrumptious! Mmm...

My very own box of rainbow macarons. I'm still working my way through them today and I have to keep telling myself to stop eating them all at once!

Look at the filling- it's even got stuff inside. Mmm...sadly, I have no idea what flavour this is as my tastebuds aren't as developed as I'd like them to be. If I were on Masterchef facing a taste test I'd be the first one out haha.

What's remaining on Day 2. It'll be interesting to see what remains on Day 3.

The Winter 2010 selection. If it was after dinner I'd happily try a few of these but since it was early on Sunday morning I couldn't bring myself to start my day off on the wrong foot with sugar :( But they look amazing!

Off we went to the cafe a few doors down to get ourselves some hearty breakfast.

We sat at this makeshift table that was actually a chest of drawers. I liked sitting there for no other reason than this was a cute idea for a table!

'Hmm, what shall I have?'


Bf settled for the smoked salmon, witlof and carrot sandwich. This grew on me as I had it, I didn't like it initially but somehow it magically got tastier towards the end.

I love my meat so I opted for the 'Baguette' which came with a filling of confit duck and cornichons. Cornichons are small pickled gherkins and I love pickled gherkins. The duck was cooked to perfection, making the baguette taste absolutely yummy. I wanted a hearty breakfast and my wish definitely came true with this. 

Knowing that Adriano Zumbo was famous for his desserts, the boy suggested we order a dessert to try. We chose the Paris- La Vie en Rose.
Look how pretty it is!

Rose creme brulee, raspberry sorbet, fresh lychees and petit rose macarons (devine!). I found this a little too sweet for my liking.

Coconut & strawberry tapioca shake. Not too bad, but some of the tapioca was gluggy and the strawberry syrup made it too sweet again. 

I wish I'd ordered 'The Younger Years' instead. It comes in this tin pan that doctors use to put syringes in (I don't know what it's called!) and is actually a chocolate fondant with raspberry coulis and they inject vanilla anglaise into the fondant using a syringe- making a yummy gooey mess! Oh, and it also comes with peanut butter gelato....sigh. Guess I'll have to try this next time huh :)

I'll leave you with a picture of the selection of chocolates at the counter. Would you like some fried eggs? They're actually made of white chocolate, topped with passionfruit jelly :D

Time for bed methinks. Come back again for more Sydney instalments! I've got a trillion pictures so I've got to find time to post more regularly. G'night!

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