Sunday, June 27, 2010

Proud Mary - Collingwood

Waking up at 11am on a Sunday gave us the perfect excuse to head out for brunch at Proud Mary in Collingwood. It's housed in an industrial warehouse type setting with exposed bricks and beams.

This place is known to serve great coffee- the list is long with choices such as Clover, French Press, Syphon, Cold Drip, Filter..and then you've got your normal cap, lattes, flat whites etc. Just look at that huge machine! The baristas were busy pumping out coffees like there was no tomorrow and the crowd of people at the entrance waiting to get a table never ceased. 

The boy's usual cappuccino. 

I'm not a big coffee drinker but I decided to give the Cold Drip a go. Our knowledgeable waitress told us that with the Cold Drip, the coffee beans are brewed for 3 hours instead of the usual couple of minutes. I liked this and thought it made a nice palette cleanser. I also didn't mind the slightly hollow bitter aftertaste.

That little bottle in the middle with a tag on its neck says it's dried whole natural sugar cane juice made in Colombia. Interesting option if you didn't want to use usual sugar in your coffee.

I love homemade pastas and always jump at the chance to order it when it's on the menu so it's no surprise I went for the Ox Cheek Ragu. Delicious.

Cripy hash- with poached egg, spinach, bacon and bagna cauda. What's bagna cauda you ask? It's a mixture of anchovies, garlic and cream which I absolutely loved. The hash was delicate and fine, soft and buttery to the taste. 

This blew me away. Don't be deceived....they look like brownies but they're actually Cocoa bread and butter pudding served with rhubarb compote and amaretto mascarpone. This was light, yet delivered the chocolate punch I've been craving for all week. The almond flakes went really well with the amaretto mascarpone and lifted the dish up by giving it some crunch.

I better stop here...short post this time... I have to head off to church since I overslept this morning and set my alarm for tomorrow morning instead of this morning. Oops!

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