Sunday, May 30, 2010

Le Petit Gateau

I've never been a fan of sweets or desserts (this is the ONLY course I'll willingly share as I never finish my desserts :D), but you have to make your way to Le Petit Gateau quicksmart if you LOVE cakes and sweet stuff. 
Between the three of us (Mom, Sis and me) we shared (haha, I use the term 'share' loosely because we each had one to ourselves) a Chocolate Coffee Creme, a Freshy Cup (chocolate mousse and banana creme topped with cookie crumble- I thought this was absolutely fantastic YUM YUM YUM) and the perennial favourite, Black Forest. 

Forget Cafe Greco and their cheesecakes (they've gone downhill lately) pay LPG a visit the next time you're in the CBD, they're at 458 Little Collins St.

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