Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Passionflower, Sydney

We arrived in Sydney in the late afternoon so off we went for a quick bite before our dinner at Quay. Thanks to the boy's awesome map reading and direction skills we found Passionflower. If it were left up to me (even though I was the one hankering for it), I would have probably just said 'errr it's too far/ I have no idea where it is/ let's go somewhere closer/ let's just try it when it comes to Melbourne.' :D Yes folks, Passionflower will be opening in Melbourne in August. 
Me with the Playmate- lychee rose petal ice-cream with coconut jelly and strawberry syrup. It was meant to come with a floss of white cloud but mine didn't :( . I liked the unusual lychee rose flavour but didn't enjoy the coconut jelly nor the strawberry syrup as much. Too much sugar! I don't really have that much of a sweet tooth, to be honest.

As you can see I enjoyed this! I can't remember what it's called though. It came with a scoop each of azuki red bean, black sesame and sticky rice ice-cream topped with nuts and black sesame coated glutinous balls. The sticky rice ice-cream and glutinous balls were my favourite. Mmm I wish I had some right now...

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