Thursday, June 3, 2010

+39 Pizzeria & Degustation

This pizzeria was named Pizzeria of the Year 2010 in The Age Cheap Eats with a tag like that, it's no surprise that I'd come knocking on its door one fine day, wanting to sample their pizzas. If you're wondering why it's called +39- my guess is that its the International Dialing Code for Italy.

Spot the massive jars of Nutella lined along the walls- I'd love to have one in my pantry!

We had to wait for some time before our orders arrived

After some shoddy research (I say shoddy because all I did was visit one blog review haha), I decided to order the Lobster & Caviar pizza. I really enjoyed the fresh cut chillies in olive oil that came with the pizzas (in the little bowl underneath the pizza) but they were really spicy- just the way I like it. I thought this pizza was pretty ordinary though. The pizza base could have been a bit more crisp.

We also had the pumpkin, green beans and fior di latte pizza, based on sis' recommendation as she's been to this place before. I enjoyed this pizza the most as it was creamy with a tinge of sweetness and the crunch of the green beans provided another textural element to the otherwise mushy topping. 
We paired our pizzas with a radicchio, pear, pecorino and walnut salad with honey truffle oil dressing. I love the combination- pear and walnut always seem to go together, but I'm not a fan of radicchio.

If you thought 2 pizzas would be enough for the 4 of us...think again. We had to order another pizza to satisfy our cravings! I felt like rolling out of the place after we were done :\ This was your usual pizza with italian sausage- not too bad, but once again, nothing to shout about.

Tiramisu- apparently the 'best in Melbourne' as stated on their menu...but this tasted really generic.

Strawberry panna cotta- a tad too tough for my liking. The deserts we ordered were both fails!! :(

Don't think I'd come back to +39 anytime soon...might give DOC a try next time I'm craving for pizza, or maybe make my own. Nothing beats homemade pizza yummm.

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