Monday, June 14, 2010

3 course meal by my personal chef

While chatting on MSN today, Mom asked why she hasn't seen any updates to the blog.... and mentioned that the pictures of crabs have been up since forever so I take that as a hint to update. Yes Mom, hint taken! The boy (who has only ventured into the kitchen a handful of times) decided to cook today. Normally people start with simple things like...let's say a fried egg but no, he goes straight to Kung Pao Chicken! Whoa.

It was actually quite tasty- not a bad job considering it was his first time making it. :)

His favourite herbal soup with extra polygatumsdjhsiuhkjdhkjsfhdskhf. Haha I have no idea what that particular herb is called.

And veges to balance out all the junk we've been eating!

Wonder what he'll attempt next? Hee. I like this arrangement- I get to eat without having to cook, yay!

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