Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cumulus Inc - Melbourne CBD

Slept early on Friday night in anticipation of having breakfast the next day at Pushka in the CBD but was gutted when we arrived and it was closed- yet again! We headed there last Sunday in hopes of savouring some of their much raved about breakfasts but its doors were shut, so we thought we'd head back there Saturday week to try our luck. Guess it'll just have to be a weekday then :( Second choice was the one hatted Cumulus Inc on Flinders Lane *click*

I had the Turkish baked eggs, spiced tomato, dukkah and labne (when not sure what to eat, you can't go wrong with this dish). They could give Madam Sou Sou a run for their money- but I still prefer Madam Sou Sou for their service (much better than the service we had at Cumulus).

This was the full English- farmhouse slab bacon, blood sausage on toast, fried eggs and smoked tomato. I was a little apprehensive about trying the blood sausage (for the uninitiated, it is also known as black pudding and is made by cooking blood or dried blood with a filler until it is thick enough to congeal when cooled. When cooked properly, you can't taste the metallic taste of blood). Let's say I had a few bites on my culinary adventure...and am not sure when's the next time I'll be heading back on that adventure! Hahaha

The others had Smoked salmon, 65/65 egg, sorrel, apple and dill. I didn't try this but thought it looked delicious.

This was sardines with parsley, tomato and lemon on grilled sourdough and tasted full of flavour to me albeit a little fishy. Is this always the case with sardines?

Sneaked in a little chocolate detour after work on Friday at Koko Black teehee. This was divine.

Off to experiment with squid ink pasta for dinner tonight- yum! (I hope :D )

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