Sunday, March 28, 2010

Squid Ink Pasta

My yearning for a taste of squid ink pasta led me on an elusive chase for the pasta itself. Finally managed to track some down at Jones the Grocer @ Chaddy and boy, was I elated! The hunt was finally over. Whipped up some calamari with really, really hot red baby chillies, parsley and baby roma tomatoes- all dressed in extra virgin olive oil and dry white wine to go with the pasta. Seasoned with a touch of sea salt and pepper (both black and white), it was healthy and yummy. Mmmmmm...the chillies were killer though, sister and I were both gasping for air and water after a plate of this. The pasta tasted ordinary and was a teeny weeny bit sweeter than the normal variety- what is squid ink pasta meant to taste like?
Cooking time was minimal but it was a pain to prepare all the ingredients. Imagine having to peel and chop up garlic into tiny pieces, peel and slice onions, chop up a handful of chillies, quarter the mini tomatoes...and finely chop up the parsley (which I had to do 3 times cos I used so much!). And then let's not forget cutting up the calamari...

This morning I felt like bruschetta so I made some! Mixed in a lil pesto to give it some flavour.

Can't believe it's Monday again tomorrow but thank goodness it's a short week. Arj Barker on Tuesday should be fun :) Have a good one people!

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