Saturday, February 27, 2010

Madam Sou Sou Round 2!

Melbourne means being back to my fatso self, eating out every single time :( We headed to Madam Sou Sou to try their breakfast and their famous, famous baked eggs. The last time we were there *click* we had lunch. 

Madam Sou Sou breakfast- nothing special. I guess you can't do anything fancy with the normal ingredients. Mushrooms were awesome possum!

The famed baked eggs. Very, very yummy. If we ever head there again I know what I'm gonna order. Imagine mopping up the thick tomato sauce, chick peas, chorizo and minted yoghurt with a slice of toasted sourdough. Mmmm....somewhere in the sauce are two little eggs.

Strolled across the street to Little Creatures Dining Hall. They have bikes you can borrow to run errands around town. Such a cool concept- they get advertised in return for lending you their bike.

At night we headed to Shogun for dinner. It's an ok place, nothing out-of-this-world hence no pics. After dinner we felt like two round balls on legs so we walked to Federation Square for some free entertainment. They were showing repeats of the Winter Olympics on the big screen and we just laid on the fake grass and enjoyed the cool breeze bringing us smells of the Yarra river.

Headed to the Bardot warehouse sale for a quick pitstop and picked out 3 items for just $41! Both the top and dress were discounted to $18 each. This top was originally $59.95.

This dress was originally $129.95 and I got it for $18. What a steal! I didn't even see this, but the boy picked this out and it was in my size. Score! I got another plain black spaghetti strap top for just $3. :D

Tired from the crowd at the warehouse sale, we drove to Mahoni's for a pick-me-up. Frozen yoghurt with mochi...yum.

Time to sign off....30 Rock is waiting! xox :)

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