Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sister's Birthday!

It's my sister's birthday tomorrow and the boy suggested that we get her a cake. So off we went at 8.45pm- hoping cake shops were still open. Our first choice was Brunetti as we knew it closed late, otherwise we'd have to trawl the city and Lygon St for other options. It was a good decision as I spotted a very pretty cake! I haven't seen cakes decorated this way before. The sign said it was a chocolate sponge cake with milk chocolate mousse and hazelnuts but when we cut into it we saw it was made up of 90% mousse and 10% sponge! I thought it'd at least be more sponge than mousse. However, it tasted surprisingly nice and even the boy (who is fussy over everything) agreed. The mousse was light enough, and not overly sweet. The sponge in the middle, bottom and side on the cake provided more texture to the cake. This is the type of cake you savour slowly, not devour in under 1 minute.
See what I mean by the pretty deco?
One more for the album.

Knowing that what I wanted to get her because she loved them and chances of finding a nice one in Australia were close to nil, I bought her a pressie while I was back in Malaysia. This is a jigsaw puzzle consisting of 2000 pieces (measuring a whopping 72cm x 103cm or something like that) and the best part of it is that it glows in the dark- well at least the yellow-ish bits do! I've seen the completed puzzle in the showroom and it just looks amazing. Too bad I couldn't cart the frame back here...it was too big to carry with me and I wasn't sure if checking it in would wreck it.

Remember from my last post I mentioned that I would use our hotpot leftovers to cook today? I bought some chicken stock, added leftover abalone juice from one of the days we ate abalone and made Yee Mee. Very simple and fuss-free. Not much to clean-up too, which is always a plus in my books.
Yummmm. The red baby chillies were particularly hot this time around. I couldn't eat more than 5 :s

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