Saturday, March 6, 2010

Freak hail storm in Melbourne

I'm so tired I'll let the pictures do the talking. It all started when the sky became overcast and at 3pm, it was so dark it looked like 8pm. We took shelter for half an hour because we didn't want to get hit by falling hail. When I got home the power was out and I couldn't get into my apartment because the doors in the stairwell wouldn't open, so I followed the boy to pick up some friends for a soccer match and the plan was that I hang out in his house till he finished soccer. Bad move.

Because of the freak hail storm (there was hail as big as golf balls apparently) and the torrential downpour that followed, it was flooded EVERYWHERE! People were knee-deep in water at Flinders St. So we had to take a million detours and STILL couldn't get into the city. Ended up spending 4 hours in the car battling massive jams. Off to rest in's been a long day sitting on my butt!

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