Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Friday- outfit post!

Fridays automatically induce a happy feeling in people- the sky is bluer, the weather is lovelier, the working day is more bearable...and it makes me feel like dressing up a bit more for work sometimes!

I love the flutter sleeves and exaggerated shoulders on my pink polka dot top <3. I teamed this with a high-waisted skirt and statement patent belt. I couldn't stop staring at my nail polish all day (it's Jazzle from Ulta3- seen in this post)....I guess this tells me I really am attracted to shiny things. 
See how pretty the top is. Makes me feel bouncier on my toes when walking...yes it does give me that light feeling!

Bows and pearls have always been a favourite of mine :)

Look what came in the mail for me? One of my many Asos orders! Can't wait to wear these on the weekend.

I've been wanting a pair of brogues for some time now, and I got these for a steal. Question now is....what do I wear them with?

I also bought a pair of stockings which were quite unique. Picture taken from These are now out of stock, and so are the two pairs of shoes above (well, in my size at least). Good thing I got in quick! :D

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