Thursday, March 4, 2010

If you guessed Moonlight Cinema...

a hundred points for you! We decided to take advantage of the good weather (it's gonna be cold and stormy for a week from tomorrow) and make good use of the Moonlight Cinema vouchers I pre-purchased a few months ago. 'In the Loop' looked to be a good flick (verdict: it was funny! The dialogue cracked us up) so we bought 2 large pizzas for the 2 of us, and a bottle of Rosemount Shiraz to wash it all down. 
I highly recommend pizzas from Crust ( Very yummy and chock-ful of ingredients. L-R: Smoked salmon pizza with avocado, capers, spanish onions etc. Peri-peri pizza which we'd expected to be a lil bit more spicy but the chicken and mayonnaise combo was delish.

We sat behind the gold grass area which made viewing the screen a tad difficult as they were seated on bean bags which meant some heads were poking out. If we go again next year we'll probably camp right in front of the screen (but also near the speakers!). In the pictures below you can see the screen slowly being inflated.

You can see the city skyline lighted up behind the trees.

We brought pillows and blankets as it got a little chilly when the sun set.

Crazy bird who wouldn't shut up until it got fed. I was afraid it would peck at our pizza boxes. Someone threw it some food and it ran away to eat it, without bothering to share with other birds nearby. Greedy bird!

Random note: Bought 7 bottles of nailpolishes on my lunch-break today :D

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