Friday, March 12, 2010


So.... I had been living a block away from this restaurant- Peko peko, for almost 3 years before I actually ventured into it. It's located at 190 Wells Street in South Melbourne and serves up pretty decent Taiwanese food, and they have specials which change every now and then. I've never given this place much thought but since it's convenient and close by, we decided to head there for dinner one night. I am surprised everytime I head there as it's always packed full of people, and there's always someone waiting for a table. Even at 9pm today it was packed. 

Spinach dumplings. These are vegetarian- they are stuffed with spring roll/ popiah filling and served with vinegar-ish soy sauce. The boy thought this was average, but if you like the dumpling skin more than the filling itself (like me!), then you'll like this. 

Prawn & mango spring roll- I liked this...thought the mango gave it a nice contrast in flavours and the skin was crisp to the bite.

Don't let the pic fool you....I really, really liked this. It's wasabi mayo beef strips. Although next time I might ask them to add more wasabi to the mayo.

And every single time I go there, I never fail to order the green tea latte. I know it's made from green tea powder, and not fresh from the leaves... but it's yum with a lil bit of sugar! Nothing beats the green tea milkshake from Samurai on Glenferrie Road though.

We really wanted to try the earl grey tea panna cotta with black sesame ice-cream but they ran out! :( So we settled for black rice pudding with green tea ice-cream. I've never had anything like this before but I have to say, it didn't make me go wow as it tasted just like any other dessert....sweet! :D I guess as long as it does its job...who's complaining? 

Happy Friday for tomorrow everyone! Off to Ezard for dinner ..can't wait to try their degustation :)

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