Sunday, March 14, 2010

Strawberry Saturday!

The weather has been a little bit erratic lately- one moment it's thunderstorms and hail, the next moment it's sunny weather for the rest of the week....which is also weird because it's now autumn and it's supposed to be cooling down in anticipation of winter. But then again, this is Melbourne we're talking about so I guess it is perfectly normal weather in Melbourne terms. 

I flounced around in my Strawberry dress (from Tea & Sympathy) on Saturday! Perfect weather for bright colours :D

The boy saw me painstakingly try to take a picture of myself so he offered to help hehe (I think my version is better still!)

Never noticed this before, don't know why it's out-of-focus and blurry, but <3 hearts and sparkly cupcakes!

Frozen yoghurt with mochi and strawberries (can never get enough of mochi mmmmMmmMM...) photographed against one of the many graffiti-ed laneways of Melbourne.

Decided to whip up a quick dinner- so Mexican fiesta at home it was! 

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