Friday, March 5, 2010

Cooking frenzy

I've been cooking all week (except for Pizza day) and attempted Wan Tan noodles one day.
The noodles were very surprisingly very yummy and quite close to the real deal. Yay, now I know that I can make it at home and have it as often as I want!

Sister's friend got her some macarons from Sydney (I wonder which shop) and they were very good. Eating 4 macarons over 2 days has reignited my love for them and someone please fly me to Adriano Zumbo in Sydney for 10382847343674 of them!

Long weekend ahead and I've got quite a few errands to run. I finally signed up to Medibank so I want to get a new pair of glasses, and maybe even sunnies if possible. And my phone plan is due to expire soon so I get to pick a new phone!

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