Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spoke too soon...

Just as I published the post below I went out and saw a few new, interesting things....
I love freebies! Here's my $10 gift voucher from Starbucks- for completing a survey for being a University of Melbourne alum. Here I come, caramel macchiato! Yummm.

And then I saw these at Queen Victoria Market. What are they?!! They look like mini ostriches plus chicken plus poodle head dogs.

Guess what I chanced upon? Achachas! Now my search for them isn't fruitless anymore. (har har am I funny?)

Achachas are.....(taken from the website here) highly prized, having been cultivated for centuries in domestic orchards in the tropical Amazon Basin of Bolivia. Difficult to grow, it has not been commercialised internationally until now.


Delicious, refreshing, exotic, tangy, effervescent . . . no wonder the name translates as "honey kiss"!
It is refreshing to eat, at ambient temperature, when served cold or even frozen. There is a fine balance between its sweetness and its acidity, creating a unique taste sensation. It has exotic appeal similar to the mangosteen, longan, rambutan and lychee. The Achacha is a cousin of the mangosteen which is known as the "queen of tropical fruit" throughout Asia. 


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