Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I suddenly had an idea...

..to transfer my memory card to my mom's camera and voila! Pics uploaded :D Brilliant, if I do say so myself.
Came home to my veryveryveryveryveryveryveryvery old Care Bears. They look so vintage. The one on the left looks nothing like the one on the right, and they both look NOTHING like the one I have at home now. Dad gave them both a good wash before I returned.

It's Chinese New Year at home when you can see decoration all around, hampers and red-coloured stuff everywhere.
Fatt Gou, anyone?

Let me humour you with a pic of how I looked 13 years ago. This was taken in London Chinatown. And my sister- bahahahahaahahah.

And that's me on the left, probably 21 years ago? :D

A corner of my house that isn't red.

Opened this up to find...
An edible Chanel eyeshadow palette cookie! Complete with brushes. So cute. But Mom warns not to eat it as it's been sitting in the house for a very long time.

The old black leather sofa got upgraded to an L-seater. So comfy!

Delicious Chinese New Year lunch fare. From L-R: Sliced abalone with snow peas, random pineapple, 'lin gou' and mouth-watering salted chicken made by my grandma.

Lotus Root, or better known as 'Lin Ngau' soup.

Braised sea cucumber with fish maw, mushrooms and scallops. Mmmmm.....I could never get this in Melbourne.


Salted chicken (from the picture above) accompanied by chicken gizzard. Trust me, it tastes wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than it looks.

'Lap cheong' (which is chinese sausage) with 'Mou Kou'. I have no idea how to translate that.

Since I was in Melbourne last year and missed Chinese New Year, these are my angpows from last year! I happily spent the day before the actual Chinese New Year opening these.

And these are for this year :) It's a good excuse to still be a kid not be married. 

I've been shopping for beauty products which have achieved cult status in Japan. No harm in giving them a go, right? The mascaras and eyeliner are from Majolica Majorca and the moisturiser is from Aquamoist. I went a lil bit crazy and also bought the cleanser from the same range. The mascaras have fibres in them which stick to your lashes to make them longer and thicker.

Saw this at a counter whilst Mom was paying for some stuff. Rainbow-flavoured Mentos! I don't really feel like eating it now that I've bought it. Maybe I should have just taken a picture of it :s It's got raspberry (that's the one with the SOLD sticker on it). As far as I can remember, all raspberry flavoured stuff tastes gross- like medicine...cough medicine to be precise.

And have I been indulging in yummylicious hawker food. This is Ipod Hor Fun- nothing in Melbourne can beat this. Team this with red-hot chilli padi and ginger and you've got a winning combination.

My arteries would come out and strangle me if they could but how can you not gobble down authentic roti chanai, roti planta and tosai rawa with their respective fish curies, dhal and coconut curry? Wash all that down  with Teh Halia (Ginger Milk Tea)to feel a lil bit healthier (Ginger is good!)

Will post up some of my buys in the next post- especially the dress I ordered online and got it shipped from Singapore. It's sooooooooooo pretty!

Gong Hei Fatt Choi everyone!

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