Sunday, February 7, 2010

A picking we will go!

The boy's parents are down under for a holiday so I tagged along and we went to an apple/nectarine/peach farm in Bacchus Marsh. Road trip! It was also the first time I saw the speed limit raised to 110km/h. On the way back a white butterfly went *SPLAT!* on our windscreen.
Oh hi apple trees! It was a fairly small farm, and we were only allowed to pick from 3 rows. There were other trees around, but I guess they weren't ripe enough to be picked from.


This small lonely apple will soon be in my hands.

There were so many apples that'd fallen from trees, and were rotting on the ground -_-

More apples in hiding. Ha ha here I come!

Smallest, cutest apple ever!

Siamese apples.

Stealing a bite...hehe. I ate an apple, 2 nectarines and 1 peach while I was there. And to think in total I only picked 3 apples and 2 nectarines.

Ever wondered what nectarine trees looked like? To be honest, neither did I. But they look like...


Signing off with what the boy would call an 'ass-crack' apple :D
xox, till next time!

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