Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Eating, shopping and going out- every Malaysian's favourite pastime :)

I have ingested 9 bottles of Vitagen since my return to KL...and with added collagen and less sugar, why not?

Consumed more than my fair share of 'pan mee'- my absolute favourite

Opened a coconut with my bare hands

Enjoyed pipis in herbal ginger soup. Looking at the pic makes me want to go back and have seconds.

Nommed my way through delicious butter crabs served with 'man tou'

Been pampered with a serving of birds' nest. Round 2 tonight-yay!

These flowers are called 'birds of paradise'- how apt? They really do look like birds you'll find in paradise.

Steph took me to Mont Kiara today for brunch at Coffee Bean with its outdoor seating and relaxed environment.

In the car on the way from Mont Kiara to Bangsar for some shopping. KL is littered with flyovers.

Artistic sketches on the wall leading to the entrance of an independent boutique

Stopped at Marmalade to refuel. Good juices. Pretty murals.

Interesting ice-cream flavours- chendol, horlicks, lychee lime & lemongrass, hawflakes. Mmm..too bad I was too full to try any :(

Conjoined mushrooms I ate for dinner :D

Ran out of pics, till the next time I go trigger happy again....xox

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