Monday, February 8, 2010


Tagged along yet again when the boy took his parents out for dinner at Hutong in Prahran. That place is so swanky compared to the one in the CBD! Even the cutlery look nicer.
Mmm you can't go wrong with strips of ginger in vinegar. *Slurp

One of Hutong's signature dishes is the 'Xiao Loong Bao' so naturally we ordered that. This was delicious! It was so well made with lots of soup in the dumpling. Yummy. The thickness of the skin was just right as it didn't break when you picked it up, nor when you gave it a little jiggle. Just for fun :D

If you look hard enough you'll see two ducks roasting in an oven on the far wall. They also serve peking duck but they're not as good (in fact, nowhere as good) as the one in Old Kingdom. 

Care Bear says good night!

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