Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reunion dinner

On the eve of Chinese New Year, most Chinese families will return to their hometowns to have dinner with everyone else- from kids to grandparents, from aunts to get the gist. The Reunion Dinner is a pretty big deal for Chinese people and shops in Malaysia even close earlier on the day itself so everyone has enough time to get home to have dinner with their extended families. For me, we always head back to my Grandparent's house to have the dinner with other family members.
It's tradition to have yee sang for Chinese New Year- with the belief that the higher you mix the ingredients, the better the year ahead will be for you.
'Lou ah, lou ah!'

Our Reunion Dinner spread consisted of yummy steamboat ingredients! Yummmm....*salivates at the thought of the food I had.

My mom with my grandparents and her 2 brothers.
And with all their grandchildren! Minus my sister who's in Melbourne, and my dad who was still at home with visiting relatives.

Heading to Bangsar tomorrow, hopefully most of the boutiques are open?

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