Monday, February 22, 2010

omnomnomnom time

Finally got my lazy arse out of the house and went clubbing on Friday night in Zouk. It was a pretty good night because my best friend who hasn't gone clubbing in 2 years came out with us!

And then we had a BBQ the day after.
Very burnt but very tasty chicken wings marinated by MeatWorks. The burger we had was awesome, but too bad I gobbled it down faster than I could take a pic :)~~~

Biggest dog this side of the world.

The next day I went out for dinner in KL- guess where I wanted to eat at? On the way to Changkat Bukit Bintang in KL... eat at El Cerdo!

This is situated in a row full of restaurants- still very much a hive of activity on a Sunday night.

Jamon Iberico- very very delish. Everyone who goes there should definitely order this.

Customised mirror reflecting how we were to eat the suckling pigs. It has been said that pigs are one of the animals which you can eat every part....I remember watching someone on MasterChef cooking a wild boar head. Imagine the presentation of that dish. How do you eat something if it's staring right back at you? :s

Iberico ribs- tasty, but I've had better ribs.

Another dish everyone should definitely try- this is the seafood risotto with scallop, king prawns and calamari. The rice is amazing.

And finally, the pièce de résistance ... half a suckling piglet. Came with its own theatrics!
Chopping up the piglet and when done, you were supposed to make a wish and break the dish you used to cut the piglet for good luck (and for your wish to come true) :)

Complimentary mini margaritas to 'digest' our meal. So kewt!

It was the 8th day of Chinese New Year and a day the Hokkien people 'pai tin gong', which literally translates to praying to the sky god. So we made an inpromptu drive down to Klang to watch some fireworks and look at kongming lanterns floating in the sky. It was so beautiful in the sky- there were fireworks going off everywhere once it was past 12am, and we saw the sky dotted with kongming lanterns.
If you squint hard enough you'll be able to see the kongming lantern floating in the sky in between the trees. Don't mistake it for a dust speck! The last pic shows more clearly the lanterns floating in the sky.

Heading to bed now- it's 3am :\ and I have a facial tomorrow at 10.30am. Good nights!

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