Thursday, January 7, 2010

We braved the crowd that was Victoria Market's Suzuki Night Market

Having decided against going the past 3 weeks due to unbearably hot weather (38 degrees!), I decided to head to Vic Mart's Night Market for dinner. Look at how packed it was. I felt like a sardine myself.

First stop: Persian food!

Lamb kebabs with rice and tomato which was pretty ordinary but the lamb kebabs were quite tasty

Next up: Chickpea blaster from Trinidad & Tobago. Apparently the food/stall was featured on the Discovery Channel. This was basically chickpeas on dough with mango, sweet chili and cucumber salsa. The dough on its own was sweet but the tangy-ness provided by the mixture of salsa was yumm-o.

And then: We had Chicken Cazuela from Simply Spanish. Missed out on trying this the last time we were at the Spanish festival as we were simply too full. This was good! Saffron rice even tasted great on its own.

And the person with the sweet tooth (not me) went to have some Dutch pancakes drizzled with icing sugar and maple syrup.

On the way home whilst walking through a park we chanced upon a bush with the biggest flower I've ever seen! Look- it's almost as big as my head, or bigger! And that's saying something because I have a big head :D

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