Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fiesta de la Hispanidad

..otherwise known to us English speaking mere mortals as Hispanic Festival. The weekend just isn't complete without venturing out into the unknown...or doing something. You know you're in Spain when you see Churros....and a man that vaguely resembles a Spaniard.

Juggling two big pans of paella.
 Tag team- serving the paella.
Potato tortilla. We were intrigued and decided to try this.
Wasn't anything spetacular :(
I really wanted to try this- Cazuela as I'd never had it before but was too stuffed from eating other random junk.
What was he cooking? It looked really yummy though.
Sweetcorn hotcakes with salsa and jalapenos- my favourite at the festival for sure.
Steps to making paella....
Tada! Let's just assume steps 2-5 got lost somewhere.
This looked really nice (and the girl reassured us it was the best paella...but we think otherwise after having tasted it) 
Oh yummm......I told the boy it was tradition that when the churros were finished, the chocolate must be drunk and finished as well..and he fell for it HAHAHAHA.
What is she drinking?!! No one to take a pic of me so a semi-failed pic of myself
Horchata- a mixture of sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, milk, condensed milk. Taste so much like soy chai, I instantly loved it.
Pretty flirty flowers and a pop of colour to brighten up my day <3

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