Monday, January 18, 2010

Galleon Cafe - St Kilda

------another weekend of gluttony ... nomnomnomnomnom-----

Last weekend we woke up early enough for brunch (we arrived around 12, that's not too late for brunch is it? :D). This time we decided to head to Galleon cafe in St Kilda to fill our rumbling tummies.
Sweet potato, basil and feta hash browns with wilted spinach, poached egg and relish. Looked more like sweet potato balls to me instead of hash browns! This wasn't too bad- something different from the usual eggs, bacon and toast.

I had the grilled haloumi, sweet potato, spinach, chickpea and walnut salad with yoghurt dressing. This was an interesting mix and I absolutely loved it yum.

Being gluttons ain't complete without polishing off 1.5 dishes each- so we shared banana bread with some out-of-this-world walnut and maple ricotta. You have to try this if you head there. The taste is exceptional. With a consistency between cream and ice-cream (the positive note being that it doesn't melt and leave a gooey, watery mess on your plate), the creamy sweetness of the ricotta is nothing like you've ever tasted before.

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