Monday, January 4, 2010

Ling nam noms

Ling Nam
204 Lt Bourke St, Melbourne
7 days 5:30pm-3:30am

There are a plethora of asian restaurants in Chinatown, so which one do you pick? Turning a blind eye to the fact that most asian restaurants are ..uhm...less hygienic than normal restaurant counterparts, the food served can be rather tasty. Since I was introduced to Ling Nam late last year, I have always ordered one particular dish without fail (yes it is that yummy!). The crowds on weekends and public holidays can attest to the popularity of this restaurant. It is advisable to book in advance otherwise waiting times vary between 15-30 minutes. They also charge a surcharge on weekends (ie Friday, Saturday, Sunday), public holiday eves and public holidays for dinner at a minimum of $18 per head but this is easily achievable if you order a dish per person at the table.

Mom and Dad anticipating food.

Sister's 'mao' yong hahaha

Chinese doughnut a.k.a 'Yau Char Kwai' a.k.a fried yummy goodness

This is the dish I ALWAYS order- Pipis in XO Sauce. You dip the yau char kwai in the sauce and it's heaven. Mmmm

Deep fried salt and pepper calamari which I thought was ok but others said it was tough

Duckling stuffed with yam served with mushroom sauce- I really liked this dish but be prepared for little to no meat on the duck. The ratio of yam:duck is 10:1

Ginger and spring onion chicken- I didn't like this dish at all. I think ginger and spring onion goes better with fish fillets.

Overall I was satisfied because I had my pipis, calamari and duckling!  :D Maybe we should try the crabs and bay bugs on noodles next time huh?

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