Monday, January 18, 2010

My birthday is tomorrow and I've already celebrated twice! :D

If you didn't already know, the boy treated me to my birthday dinner at the Press Club two Saturdays ago. You can read it here if you've missed it. Linklinklinklink!

Last Saturday I decided to give the Botanical a try since I've always heard that they served good steaks. Plus, it was close to where I lived- so it was minimal hassle travelling there (not like going anywhere has really been troublesome since the boy got a car hehe). You can also sit outside, have a drink or two and face the botanical gardens. Looks like we've accidentally discovered another outdoor drinking place that would be perfect for those hot summer days yay!

I had 3 different oysters and they all had fancy names like Claire de Lune, Rusty Wire and Moonlight Surface. Don't they sound more like My Little Pony names? But anyways, I <3 the Claire de Lune the most out of the three. It was just this amazing smooth creamy, buttery flavour. Oooh I just found a page which talks about all the oysters I had- here. I could easily go back and have a half a dozen of the Claire de Lune with some wine. Mmmmm. I also just noticed that in the pic above I look like I just woke up and rolled out of bed :s

I was paying for dinner so the boy had to eat air. Ha ha!

Pan fried gnocchi with broadbeans, peas, zucchini flowers and shaved pecorino. This dish is absolutely a must-try. The gnocchi was just divine. Plus it had tiny zucchini flowers so that gave it extra points :) (like a million more points)

And this is what they are famous for- dry aged pasture fed black angus sirloin, chat potatoes, mushroom puree and horseradish cream (only served Medium Rare). Looking at the pic it looks pretty red doesn't it? The rest of the sirloin was much more cooked inside, trust me. I had this on its own and had it with dijon mustard, seeded mustard AND English mustard. Maybe I'm picky or I have no appreciation for expensive steaks, but I didn't enjoy this as much as I enjoyed other steak dishes I've had. The meat on its own didn't have much taste, and with mustard....well...the mustard was nice :D

Don't forget your veges kids. We had a side of organic broccoli with double smoked bacon, almonds and chilli.

Yummm- don't be fooled by this pic. Even though it looks small, it certainly packed a punch! Chocolate pave with croissant ice-cream (yes, it really tasted buttery and flaky like a croissant!), coffee jelly and almond foam. This was made with dark bittersweet chocolate and had a biscuit base. So so so good.

These pics were taken with a digicam so looking at all these pics makes me miss my SLR which takes much better pictures....but certainly too heavy to take around. Plus having to fiddle with the settings and taking a few pics before coming up with a good shot takes ages. So imagine having to wait a long time if you're starving and wanting to dig into the food...:\

So how did the Botanical fare? It used to be 2 hats but was only awarded 1 hat in 2010. Maybe this shows that the quality and taste of their food used to better? Even though I didn't particularly swoon over the steak, I thought the oysters, gnocchi and dessert were worth going to the Botanical for. :) I'm feeling greedy already....tempted to dine at another restaurant just cos it's my birthday!

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