Sunday, January 31, 2010

Here, there...everywhere...

It's been a busy week at work, but I've only 2 more weeks before I head back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year. I haven't celebrated CNY in Msia for a good 4 years! I'm looking forward to all the food, ang pows and shopping :D All the good stuff. I also have a few dresses to pick up (the wonders of online shopping :))

 I had free tickets from work to attend a Melbourne Symphony Orchestra open rehearsal last year and as I was curious to see what actually goes down in the Arts Centre, I took this opportunity to attend.
How grand does this look?
20 minutes into the rehearsal, after overcoming the excitement and novelty of seeing an orchestra perform for the first time, the boy and I were ready to get out of there. Funnily enough, there was a man who played the triangle and he would only play for a few minutes at a time. I wonder if he ever felt bored? Haha. 

At Blok M for some ox tail soup. Yummy.

Our lunch sets at Takumi- which we visited for lunch during one of the weekdays. I highly recommend the one I had, only I can't remember what it's called....Ahh I just looked it up on the website. It's the Wagyu Beef Yakiniku Bento Box. Nicely accompanied by fresh salmon sashimi and scallops. Mmmmm...

And this is the Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki Bento Box. Not as good as the one I had!

Taken at Montalto Winery in Mornington Peninsula. Can you see my birthday present on my neck? :)

Had breakfast today (after weeks of not doing brunches- they were taking a toll on my weight!) at Q11 in South Melbourne. This is the 'Mexican Extravaganza' I had. Nothing spectacular although the pumpkin roesti was good.

It was a hot day- 30 we headed to Igloo Zoo on Glenferrie Rd in Malvern for some frozen yogurt. I STILL haven't found anything that beats Pinkberry when I had it in the US :( Mine's the one on the right- pomegranate flavoured froyo with halva, meringue and slivered almonds- that makes one hell of a delicious combination! That said, the froyo's were a disappointment. We've had better at Mahoni's in the CBD.

On the way back we tailed a weird-looking science car...

Came home and cooked steak with mushrooms in a red wine and caramalised onion sauce (so before you go 'wow', the sauce was store-bought hahaha...I just merely added mushrooms and some chinese cooking wine). Served with a side of french beans and carrots in salt and butter.

All pics taken with the Iphone and they turned out pretty decent.  Just finished watching the Australian Open final on TV where it was Federer vs. Murray. The tie-break went on forever! It was point for point and then it ended. The Fed was just too good. It's the start of another work week tomorrow, so off to brush my teeth and wind down with CLEO before hitting the sack. Please let this be a short and quick working week!

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