Sunday, January 9, 2011

Only in KL...

If I didn't do this now I'd never do it in the next week, so here goes- my trip back to KL in pictures! :D Everyone loves pictures, right?
Roast chicken rice- delish!

'Lui cha'- the best vegetarian dish ever

Snowflake (fine, this is Taiwanese but mmm 'gui ling gao'...

But really, nothing to shout about...they almost always use the same ingredients in every combination

The best 'rojak' in SS15....been around for years and there's always a queue...


Nothing in Melbourne can ever compare to the 'mee hoon ker' I had...

Carebear came with me... and she says hi

Aloe vera plant- thriving in my grandparents' garden. If only I had one here too, it's great for soothing sunburns, itchiness...and tastes delicious when boiled with rock sugar and red dates, or eaten raw with honey. 

Potted plants galore- how does her garden grow so green?

Home of caterpillars. When I was young we used to torture caterpillars. Bad, I know.

Mangoes everywhere!

Even high up in the air...These are for the squirrels, my grandmother says.

And then we have these- unique to the Chinese culture.


What would you call this (no, not the stool)?

 Nothing. Can. Beat.
My. Grandmother's. 
Home-cooked. Food :)

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