Monday, November 29, 2010

Keeping to promises

Oh HI, it's been a while (I've lost count of how many times my posts contain 'it's been a while') so let's move on from that, shall we? :D Skip the unimportant stuff I say!

Remember how I promised a few posts back that I'd post up pictures of some of my online purchases? Well I received ONE package so far so I'll treat your eyes to some pretty dresses! All pictures from ASOS of course, no way did I morph into a leggy brunette overnight. 

How gorgeous is this? Look at the beautiful pleats and the rich navy colour! Absolute <3 It is a nightmare getting this dress on and off though, I feel like there's no easy way but to constantly wiggle for 10 minutes to put it on/ take it off. At least I burn some calories doing that. Why don't they make a size 7? A 6 in this is a teeny bit small for me, but an 8 would be too big. :\

This dress has a whimsical peter pan collar, tutu underlay and scalloped lace hem. Could it get anymore perfect? Yes- the back is awesome too! Highly pixelated pic but you get the idea.

And for work I thought this would be perfect....
Sure it looks short, but since the model is Amazonian and I'm on the other end of the spectrum, fingers crossed it'll be a-OK for work. I haven't received this yet because this was delivery #2 which consisted of 2 packages, and guess what? They delivered only one package, so they'll re-deliver the second package tomorrow. Argh *refer below for story*. 

Now let me tell you a story. I only started work in the last week of September and on the FIRST day of work, I got my Louboutin babies delivered. To work. Cos someone had to sign for it and no one would be home during working hours. Which I then showed my manager. To which she later asked, 'How in the world are you going to walk in them?' So first impression I reckon I made was- 'this girl likes to shop'.

And I'm always heading out to the post office to post stuff/ collect packages so I more often than not have a carry bag containing a package. I'm trying to limit the deliveries made by the postie or courier so I re-route them to my residential address and get the boy to fetch them from the post office since it's a 5 min drive and he gets home before they close. But as luck would have it, they upgraded my package to courier/express delivery so someone has to sign for it. So how now brown cow? Only option was to get it delivered to work. And what do they do? Stuff up and deliver one today, and another tomorrow! I have to figure out a way to sneak the package to my desk without anyone noticing *thinks ninja thoughts. It has come to a point where my colleague has called me over to her desk to look at shopping emails and discounts thinking I'd be interested...cos that's all I do, rriiight?

Oh and I also bought a mouse ring because it looked cute!
When I get to work I can introduce him to my computer mouse. 'Mickey, meet Minnie'! HAHA. Now, excuse me while I pick myself up from laughing so much till I accidentally rolled onto the floor.

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