Sunday, November 14, 2010

Il Fornaio, St Kilda

I wonder if I can just fill a post with pictures and get away with it? My SLR didn't come along with me so all I have are grainy Iphone pics. It really doesn't do the desserts any justice as it doesn't show them in alllllllllllll their glory :( Maybe just SLR your minds? :D

Creme Brulee with Heilala Vanilla- according to a knowledgeable friend (whom we think should audition for Masterchef) Heilala is a very famous type of vanilla from New Zealand. I would never have known otherwise. My food vocab is probably limited to knowing that truffle oil is amazing and I need to get me some of that soon!

Tart Tatin- poached pineapple on pastry served with gingerbread ice-cream and mr. gingerbreadman! Hmm, I wonder who ate the gingerbreadman?

Creme Caramel- passionfruit creme caramel with a mango sorbet, some small cubes of jelly-like things (I have no idea what they were 0_o) and summer salad (including blood oranges yum!)

Because a pretty dessert deserves two pictures! Snow white and rose red- beautiful summer dessert, complete with sugared rose petals, meringue, rhubarb and berries.

Fans of Masterchef might have seen this on the show! It was one of the challenges on one of the episodes. It's a caramel parfait glace with salted peanut caramel and milk chocolate mousse. In layman's terms, it's a deconstructed Snickers bar! Absolutely delicious. Salt when paired with chocolate always, always comes out on top.

I liked every single one of the desserts we ordered, but the standouts for me were the passionfruit creme caramel and snickers bar. Don't get me wrong, they were ALL very good, but sometimes you just need favourites, right? :) Hmm, but I also liked the pineapple pastry and gingerbread ice-cream..uh-oh I can't make up my mind now. 

Testament to how good everything was- all polished off in less than 20 minutes! I bet we waited longer for the desserts hehehe. Run, don't walk kids ;)

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