Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A bone to pick

Sorry for the lack of pictures lately, maybe when my packages arrive I'll post up my shopping buys <3. In the meantime however, I blame the HOT weather for turning me into one giant ball of moodiness. I was just chatting to the bestie earlier and we started talking about holidays (yes, she goes on like 5 a year- well at least that's what it feels like to me!), and of course Air Asia and Tiger Airways naturally popped up in the convo. 

And it made me realise I've never ever talked about my dissatisfaction with Tiger. They really suck- yes, very mature of me to use such an elementary expression. But really, I have nothing complimentary to say about them. Let's play a word association game now. When I say Tiger, tell me the first thing that pops into your head. 


ALWAYS DELAYED @#$%^& . That's two words + cursing, but who's counting?

I have been scarred from my previous experiences and I can safely say never again will I even think about flying with them. I don't care if prices are ridiculously cheap, they are cheap for a reason and it's always not worth the low prices.

Take my recent trip to KL, where the family and I were due to fly Tiger from KL-Singapore. Flight was at 12pm so we were at the airport by 11am to check in. What do we see when we arrive at the check-in counter? Confused looks on passengers' faces and a sign on the check-in counter notifying us that our 12pm flight had been delayed to 4pm! Cue another round of cursing. It still makes my blood boil to this very day. Imagine having to wait almost 5 hours at LCCT- an airport where there's NOTHING you can do. 

Why did they delay the flight? Who knows, we weren't even told. We didn't even receive an apology when we checked in for the 4pm flight. Of course, everyone's guessed that it was because the 12pm flight was empty and it wasn't economical to go ahead and depart when you can cram everyone onto the later flight and decrease operating costs that way. 

Seriously, Tiger is rubbish. 

The other time was when I had to fly from KL-SIN to catch a flight from SIN-MEL. It was my first time flying Tiger and looking back now, I shouldn't have been surprised it was delayed too. Imagine if it was delayed for 5 hrs and I missed my flight from SIN-MEL and had to figure out some other way to get back to Melbourne. 

Not happy, Tiger. I whole heartedly agree with the Air Asia ads. If you were meant to fly, you'd be born with wings.

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