Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tom Phat - Brunswick

After weeks of having breakfast at home on the weekends, we decided to head out to Tom Phat with a couple of friends to check out the place. Never one to pick Asian cuisine over Western meals, I decided to go along with the boy for some fusion food ;) It took me a while though- oh let's say maybe....a couple of months- to agree to go? It was the perfect Saturday, sunny and warm, always a good excuse to try new things!
It's a cosy little place, complete with a communal table (which is where we sat that morning)

A splash of colour on the wall- the mural looks like its come straight out of a comic strip
Lonesome 'sifu' floating knowledgeably on a cloud :D
I wish I could say I finished it all but it was too big for one person! Roti omelette- roti and omelette with bacon, chives and tomato salsa. Very yummy mMMmmmm...heaps and heaps of bacon too, just what I like!
Omelette with spicy chorizo- tastes exactly like it sounds hahaha. The people who had this preferred it over my dish hmmph!
Uh oh I forgot what this was :( It was a very interesting combination! Not liking the maraschino cherries but the kaffir lime leaves and tamarind caramel were awesome possum! I never knew all these ingredients could work so well together.

I surprise myself sometimes...I liked what I had so much that this is going under the Stuff you HAVE to try label :D

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