Saturday, November 20, 2010

OK, so...

...lately when I'm out (or online) shopping I've developed this habit of checking the inside label or description of each garment to see what material they're made out of. 90% of the time it's polyester, acrylic, viscose, something that probably starts melting when worn more than 10 times etcetc. I never used to care but I'm starting to realise I prefer clothing made out of natural fabrics...and it's so difficult to find these! Where are all the 100% silk, leather or cotton clothes? Where are they hiding. Not that I'd ever wear a leather dress. 

And it's disappointing to see that even the more expensive clothing brands for example, Sretsis also use a lot of man-made materials. Would you fork out $600 bucks for a polyester dress? That makes me think twice. I guess it's good in a way because it's curbing my horrible shopping habit. Seriously, I don't really need a wardrobe half-full of disposable fashion! Skin should be able to breathe naturally, so my quest going forward I guess is to be able to slowly change the contents of my wardrobe. Really liking the sound of cotton clothing already, so comfy!


  1. Hey,

    I am also very conscious of the material being used for the garment i buy. i have developed a strong liking towards clothing item that are 100% wool, 100% silk and 100% cotton.

    I have previously, perhaps 5-6 years ago bought 100% silk tops from country road and alannah hill. I have also recently bought 2 tops from country road which are 100% silk and a blazer also 100% silk from fleur wood.. ooo and 100% silk pants from saba.. i suppose everywhere does have all these 100% natural materials.. it's just a matter of how conscious you are of them... normally when i spot something i like.. i always check the material even before i check the price.

    besides melb, i have purchased 100% silk items from zara in kl.

    so just keep hunting! :)

  2. I guess I'm a bit like that now- I tend to check the material prior to buying but some stores have really pretty clothes and they don't use natural fabrics so it's always a dilemma! :) I have noticed though, that I've been throwing out more clothes that are made from man-made materials and I think that's what's pushing me to purchase more organic clothing.