Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Three bags full - Richmond

Do you remember how the nursery rhyme goes?

'Baa, baa black sheep have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full'

Haha the name of the cafe just reminds me of that. Now you can't get the rhyme out of your head either, right? 

On the weekend the boy and I resumed our brunch outings and headed to Three Bags Full in Richmond. We were lucky to get a table inside (and we didn't have to wait! yay!) because halfway through our meal it started pouring and everyone sitting outside got drenched, or had rain-soaked food!
Supposedly famous for coffee- but the cappuccino the boy ordered was lukewarm. Is there a reason why coffee is sometimes served tepid? I like my beverages relatively hot.
Baghdad Omelette- potatoes, yoghurt, avocado, herbs. The boy loves potatoes (he could eat it all day everyday) and was disappointed there were only 2 pieces lurking in his omelette. Tastewise this was yummy though, can't go wrong with avocado and a surprisingly delicious sourish note from the yoghurt. 
The girl who enjoys life's little things ie. me went for the Parmesan. Poached eggs, prosciutto, parmesan, truffle oil, served with organic sourdough bread to mop it all up. Decadent? Yes. Indulgent? Yes. I finished this feeling like I had overindulged for my first meal of the day but I enjoyed it. Only complain was the poached eggs didn't have yolks that were runny enough; which meant this dish was a little on the dry side. More sauce or condiments might've lifted this dish up.
We were both still hungry after our egg breakfast so we ordered something sweet to share. Raspberry, coconut and fig bread with vanilla mascarpone, fresh strawberries and passionfruit sauce. The bread was warm and yummy, not overly sweet and was perfectly balanced by the sourness of the passionfruit and the neutral creamy taste of the mascarpone. Don't be fooled, it might look like a small portion but it sure did fill us up! We were too stuffed by the end of the meal and it was a struggle trying to finish this. All in the name of dessert :D
Quirky signs doubling up as table tops. The cafe itself has an industrial feel to it ala Seven Seeds, St Ali etc., with exposed bricks and steel.

Eagerly waiting for my brekkie!
Perfect weather one second, raining cats and dogs the next second. That's Melbourne for you, great coffee culture and famous indecisive weather. :)

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  1. Mmm, the raspberry, coconut and fig bread looks delicious. I think I might have to order that next time.