Friday, May 28, 2010

Brother Baba Budan

If you're a serial coffee drinker and/or serious coffee aficionado, you'd know (or heard of) this jaunt by now. It needs no introduction- the first pic should have been a dead giveaway as to which place this is. I had a soy latte and it was yum (Soy chai is still my fav drink by far though- the ones made with real tea leaves and spices, not the rubbish syrup/powder concoction). We sat behind the baristas and they worked so quickly in tandem to make coffees for the perpetual crowd. One person would leave, two would enter, three would leave, five would get the gist.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm still trying to figure out how these coffee places are connected to each other. So Brother Baba Budan in the city on 395 Little Bourke Street is run by the same people that run Seven Seeds in Carlton. We sat next to a man in Brother Baba Budan today and he told us to pay Seven Seeds a visit....I wonder if he was invested in BBB and Seven Seeds? How about Dead Man Espresso? The last time I went I didn't have any coffee, but I know they use a Seven Seed blend.

Anyways, Mom and I paid St. Ali a visit two days ago but I wasn't that impressed with the was a bit too lukewarm for my liking. Is there a reason why they make it urmm...not extra hot? The devine citrus and coconut slice more than made up for the mediocre coffees though, it was deliiiiiiiciiiiioussssssssssssss!

Mmmmm, Mom's hard at work in the kitchen- I can smell wafts of Assam fish and it's making me hungry even though I just had a Tim Tam and a Royal *guilty face. Shall go for a swim/splash around in the water this weekend.

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