Friday, May 21, 2010

Mountain Goat Brewery, Richmond

Wow, I can't believe 2 weeks flew by JUST LIKE THAT 0_0. The reason why I've been so busy? WORK. SWALLOWED.ME.UP.WHOLE. I should be glad it didn't chew me up and spit me out. [luckily there was a little thing called a client lunch that went on for half a day in that 2 weeks :) ]. So glad those 2 weeks are now over and that means I'm back in the office for forever! Fine...only till the end of July. Speaking of which, it's almost June. How is it possible that the year's gone by so quickly? Since we're on the topic of things whizzing past, let's change gears and talk about goats.

Yes- goats. As it's a Friday night and since it feels like the last time I went for drinks on a Friday was a year ago (it probably WAS a year ago) I joined the boy and a couple of his friends for drinks at a microbrewery in Richmond called the Mountain Goat Brewery. Are images of the goatherds and goats from the Sound of Music flashing through your head yet?

I was more keen to eat cos the superpig side of me emerged and was eyeing everyone's food greedily. Plus I get red when I drink so that puts me off drinking most times.

Food!! nomnomnom. See the pizza in the top right? Would you have guessed it was a broccolini pizza?  -_- No points for guessing who picked it (not me).

The bar

The brewery was situated in a warehouse setting.

Sampler's paddle. R-L: Steam ale, IPA, Hightail ale and Surefoot Stout. According to one of the boy's friends, you're meant to drink it from the lightest beer to the heaviest. So start with the ale on the right and work your way through to the stout. The reason behind doing this is that the ale should be drunk cold and by the time you get to the stout it should be warm- which is ideal temperature for stout. Interesting concept- I learn a little something everyday. I think he also mentioned that drinking it in order also meant that you could taste the flavours a lil bit better because if you jump around and mix it up then the richer beers might overpower the lighter beers in terms of flavour.

I called it a night at 9.30pm. Yes, I am getting old and late nights are a thing of the past. On another note, mom's coming tomorrow. Yay to home cooked food and restaurant visits!! Off to roll in bed whilst enjoying a hot cuppa citron tea (so delish!). Have a good weekend everyone, take it easy ;)

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