Saturday, May 8, 2010

Southern obsession

I had this sudden urge (like there was a pixie sitting on my shoulder coercing me the whole day) to make....of all things, Key Lime Pie. Seriously, I have never ever tasted it before in my entire life but there I was, sitting at my desk, thinking about the taste. Upon Googling it, I found an easy recipe and off I went huntinggathering my ingredients. I thought it was something that came from the Southern states of USA (just like Red Velvet). And Wiki tells me it's the state pie of Florida- so this comes from the South too! Mom, here's the pic you requested.
Looks just like any other lemon cheesecake, right? I was surprised when I ate it because there's no cheese involved in the making of this pie....but who's complaining? It's pretty darn tasty yum! Recipe here.

Off to The Point at Albert Park Lake for dinner tonight- will post pics later! Excited to see what the 'best steak restaurant in Victoria' serves up :)

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