Sunday, May 30, 2010

Golden Dragon Palace, Lower Templestowe

Instead of having yum cha at the usual places- Sharkfin House and Crystal Jade in Chinatown, Tai Pan in Doncaster East and Plume in Doncaster (these are the good restaurants with good yum cha), the boy suggested we try Golden Dragon Palace in Lower Templestowe. Being the greedy pigs we are, we agreed quicker than you can say 'Dim Sum!' This restaurant has had its share of good and bad reviews, but we soon discovered that the food was actually not too bad and was comparable to the other restaurants mentioned above which were famous for their yum cha. However, Golden Dragon Palace has a reputation for being pricier than the other restaurants.....but their service was great. We were seated in a corner where the carts couldn't reach us, but we weren't ignored nor did we have to spend ages waiting for food or for our teapot to be refilled.

Us, making use of the mirror in the lift.

The restaurant is nicely decorated and there's ample space between tables (compared to the other restaurants where you feel squished between the table next to you and the back of someone's chair). See the stack of dishes in the pic below? Yeah, that's a grand piano they've used as a table -_-

We had 14 dishes between the 4 of us (is that A LOT??!?!?)
Cutting into the medicinal-tasting ball...please do not order the pink ball!

Yum, this was really good and I don't usually eat this.

Snowball mochi with ice-cream filling, which my sister took one look at, and ordered straightaway cos it looked cute.....
.....only to spend forever picking out the desiccated coconut on the outside cos she hates coconut HAHAHAH 
it was yummy though :)~

Took advantage of the fact that it wasn't too cold that day, and wore things from my wardrobe that hadn't seen the light of day for a few months....or in the case of the shoes (a few years!).

Pretty love heart sheer stockings from Asos
These shoes have only been worn once......2-3 years ago!
Paid bargain price for a pretty cardigan from Valleygirl. I love that store- you have to wade through heaps of ugly clothes, but then here and there you'll find some pieces that actually look great and are quite decent.

Okbye! See you all in a couple of days!

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  1. Try taotao house, you will love it. :)

  2. Ok- I'll keep that place in mind. Thanks!