Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Point- Albert Park Lake

Wanting to take advantage of the offers in our Melbourne Entertainment Book (quick, if you have one try and use up your vouchers soon as they expire on the first day of June!), we made a reservation at The Point. Since its been touted as Australia's Best Steak Restaurant, guess what we had? Prior to going there I remarked that I didn't feel like beef and might try something else from the menu but the boy said something which hit home "It's like going to a an Italian Restaurant and ordering fried rice" HAHAHAHA. I guess there's some truth in his comment. When we stepped into the restaurant, the floor to ceiling views took our breaths away. The restaurant was cosy and the decorations were non-pretentious. 

Hehehe, excuse my pau face but look out the glass window! You're greeted with marvellous views of the lake and the buildings in all their lighted glory beyond the lake.

We were early (our reservation was for 6pm!), hence the empty tables. It was nice though, we had plenty of service to ourselves before the other tables started to fill up.

Olive bread- served warm and fresh, absolutely yum! I had one and a half rolls cos they refilled my plate -_-

Our complimentary salmon sashimi tartare appretizer (haha I'm completely guessing because I've forgotten what it is, only that it tasted rather fishy)
Sorry for the blurry picture- we were using a digicam on its highest ISO on night mode with less than 100% patience on our part. This is how they market themselves, so the steaks better live up to their hype!

Another pic of the view

The bf ordered the beef tasting plate which included a variety of cuts of Sher Wagyu, Clare Valley grain and Cape Grim pasture fed beef. Fact: Grass/pasture fed beef is tastier than grain fed beef which has more marbling. This came with red wine and two other indistinguishable sauces (only cos I wasn't really listening when they were explaining again, haha). The boy said he was thinking one day how awesome it would be if he could sample different cuts of steaks on one plate and compare them- his wish came true today lol.

I ordered the 350g pasture fed scotch fillet from Cape Grim Tasmania (yes, I'm a pig for going the full 350g!). I didn't really enjoy it at first and I actually stopped eating halfway through because I got full. But then the boy was still slowly savouring his food so I assumed my role as masterpig and continued eating. I really, really enjoyed it the second time around without any sauces. The beef was so tender and juicy. Maybe these people really do know what they're talking about when they call themselves the best steak restaurant in Australia. I'll be the first person to put my hand up in terms of not knowing how to appreciate steaks. The mash potato on the side and under the giant field mushroom was flavoured with truffle I think, mmmmmmmm delish.

Some greens to go with our mains. We had a greek salad on the house because they got our orders wrong- yay! We actually ordered the witlof, nashi pear and hazelnut combo. This was an interesting I know witlof tastes a lil bit bitter like rocket :\ Not a big fan.

Complimentary palette cleanser of coconut and lychee granita- very light and refreshing, not to mention YUM.

The biggest souffle EVER! I liked the burnt marshmallow and bitter cocoa sorbet on the side more than the souffle itself. Good thing this souffle was light and 'airy' instead of the usual dense cake-type dish served at other restaurants.
The boy with what he calls his tofu souffle -_-

Different types of cuts and categories of beef displayed at the entrance of the restaurant

O-hai iz me! I have no idea why I'm standing as straight as a soldier

It's getting cold so get out your tights and boots :)
Liking the sleeves <3 This top is actually quite long so it can double as a dress- bonus!
Being a girl is difficult cos there's so much accessorising to doooooooooo.....!

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