Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dead Man Espresso - South Melbourne

It was great having a short week of work (only 4 days of work!), but I was so tired everyday after work because we had 5 days' worth of work to get through in 4 days! Once I get home and step through my front door, all I want to do is lie in bed and watch TV shows and do nothing at all hee hee. The boy and I felt like it was time to resurrect our weekend brunches that we used to do quite frequently (until I put on like 7234545kgs and demanded we lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling till our hunger pangs subsided....*jokes) 

South Melboune still wins hands down for the many good breakfast cafes it has (plus given that it is so close to my house wins it extra brownie points!). Today's choice was Dead Man Espresso on 35 Market Street. Their blog has a nice personal touch and tells you what they've been up to. The cafe itself feels very cosy and makes you feel right at home.

I was seated right opposite the kitchen- <3 watching chefs work their magic

Best known for their Communal Dining Area

Apple, Strawberry & Cinnamon
Watermelon, Cucumber & Mint
Sadly, both lacked the 'kick' or 'zing' required in fresh juices

Kitschy sugarspoon. Apparently, they've got good coffee there (seven seeds, anyone?). Kinda kicking myself now for not trying the chai (yes, I know...nothing to do with coffee)

Panzanella- your typical breakfast made up of sausages, poached eggs heaped with pesto on top, heirloom tomatoes and bread

My pork belly 'BLT'- hohoho, I really liked this. People who cringe at the sight of layers of fat in food- Look away now! The pork was soft, tasty and tender- mmmm, so yummy. The bread was so good too (I happily pretended the fat in pork belly was 0 calories and gobbled everything down). It just suddenly hit me that I had pork sandwich at Royal Mail the week before. Hmm, do I sense a trend? I didn't realise this till the boy pointed it out but this dish was nicely intepreted the Dead Man way. Tomato in a glass, Bacon = pork belly and Lettuce = salad leaves on the side. *lightbulb moment!

Not a good shot but this is what it looks like from outside. These people were sitting on the walkway and if you look closely in the background you'll see people dining in the outdoor area of the cafe.


  1. Hey there,
    thank you for the appreciative comments about the BLT and Panzanella. My name is Laurent Hoffarth, i am the original chef who created these dishes 7 to 8 months ago. I do not run the kitchen at Dead Man anymore, but have continued the adventure at Cafe Gaia, in South Yarra, where the menu is on the move constantly; would love to get some new constructive feedback like yours. Regards.

  2. Wow, what an honour..thanks for dropping by and commenting :) I'll pop by Cafe Gaia one weekend- can't wait to sample your dishes...always good to know of more breakfast options!