Friday, April 30, 2010

booooo....home early on a Friday night!

On the bright side (is there even one?), I finally know what illness I've succumbed to. It all began with a minor sore throat on Tuesday which I shrugged off and blamed it on too many chips and chocolate. Little did I know that on Wednesday it got worse and fever came on board as well (just to join the party, why not?). On Thursday, fever and sore throat rode into the sunset together and in comes another visitor (prolly dormant on the couch while waiting for mr.fever and mr.sore throat to pave the way for it, making it easier to infect me). Yes I am now down with a cold! Argh! And I feel a cough coming on as well. Great. Now I'm just wishing that my nose will run off with the cotton in my head. 

Anyways, my sis went to the post office and picked up a surprise for me! Well, technically she didn't go pick it up especially for me- she had a parcel of her own waiting for her and they gave her the wrong one when she was there. They gave her my Sasa order from 3 weeks ago. Why did it take 3 weeks when it usually takes 1? Cos the postie did not leave a card in my mailbox- AGAIN! Seriously, these people need a kick in their butts. This is what I got....they are the best masks in the world! The boy's sister got some for me when she visited Taiwan and apparently they sell like hotcakes over there- bought by tourists and locals alike (I think?). I used it and boy, was I impressed. 100000000000000000x better than the SK-II masks I use. My skin felt SO soft and hydrated after using these I went out and bought some more for myself. Good thing they come in different 'flavours'?

They each serve a different purpose. Heaps of girls I know do a million things to remain fair-skinned (why?) so yeah, they've got plenty that do just that.

Off to watch Flashforward now. What happens in ep 17 and 18? :D 

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