Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chipped nails :(

...are a direct result of preparing ingredients, cooking and washing the dishes. I really want a dishwasher! Just a short post today- not feeling 100%, but we were good and ate healthily (well- we tried to!) at home.

Sourdough toast, spinach and mushrooms cooked in butter and garlic, and the usual suspects- roma tomatoes lightly tossed in the pan, rindless bacon, honey baked ham and baked beans. See the dark shadow cast over the bacon? Looks like I'm not the only one who knows how sinful they are *looks around.

First attempt at homemade chicken and sweet corn soup and pizza! I always order chicken and sweet corn soup at Asian restaurants- now I know how to make it....I never knew it was soooooooooo simple! My pizza looks unbelievably awesome doesn't it? :D I love that there's heaps of fresh ingredients on there- tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach...yum.

Have a good week ahead everyone!

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