Tuesday, December 29, 2009

STILL in the Christmas spirit!

It's hard not to still be in the Christmas spirit when shop signs are screaming Boxing Day sales everywhere. However, I believe I'm a smarter and more seasoned shopper these days, hence I spend less by not buying crap things that I don't need; AND I don't buy things just because they are cheap- I've done this so many times and they've always ended up being thrown away a few years down the road.

So on Christmas Day itself, after an awesomex1000000000 Christmas lunch/dinner prepared by the mom (assisted by sous chef Sis), we found ourselves with time on our hands (cos we had dinner at 5pm!) and decided to venture out to Crown to watch the infamous yearly Christmas light show. But first, I'll have to show you our Christmas food (how can I not!?) :)

Yummo Cauliflower au gratin- full of cheesy goodness mmmMmmmm..

Other supporting actors- Coleslaw, Champagne made with 100% strawberries (tasted smooth but a tad bit too sweet), and stuffing which was removed from the turkey and cooked again to enhance its flavour.

The main star of the day- Turkey a la roasted! :D

 The Carebear family had a little reunion of their own too.

My sister's and my Christmas pressie from the boy!

Prior to heading to Crown.

A very pretty Candy Cane Christmas tree at the foyer in Crown.

Robot-looking reindeer (who didn't have to turn up to the North Pole that night, lucky him!)

It's been a while since I've been on a merry-go-round..

The glittering gold Christmas tree.

And then we saw the BIGGEST CRAB EVER!

And also the BIGGEST LOBSTER EVER! (look, it's the same size as the giant crab)

Just outside one of the entrances to the Casino which was recently renovated and the ceiling was filled with mirror-like floating butterflies.

New Year's in a few days! What will YOU be doing?

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